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Revised Edition: 2020

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Integrated Pre-Primary curriculum kit with 7 books

English with Conversation – The book help in recognizing the vowel letters of English language. It progresses towards the concepts of grammar to develop mental and reasoning power cultivating good writers and clear communicators.

Rhymes and Stories – The book of rhymes and stories to make the class interactive and lively. Rhymes and stories are picked to inculcate good practices and moral values.

Numbers 1 to 100 – The book is designed to develop the skills of recognition, identification and counting of numbers from 1-100

Phonics – The colourful book, designed to introduce English Language sounds by identifying the phoneme sounds and reading aloud for reinforcement.

General Knowledge – The book introduces theme based concepts of daily life through captivating images and interesting activities.

Colouring and Drawing – Activities using different techniques and methods of colouring and painting are incorporated to enhance creativity.

Art and Craft – Activities are designed to develop physical, motor, emotional, personal, cognitive skills, and enhance creativity.

It is supported with e-books, audio/visual aids, mobile application, test papers, worksheets and assessments.

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